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CRC Plasticote 70

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CRC Plasticote 70

Clear Acrylic Lacquer Conformal Coating for Printed Circuits
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Aerosol 300 g, pack size 6
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CRC Plasticote 70 is a clear acrylic lacquer ideal for the protection and insulation of printed circuit boards and electronic parts.

It forms a flexible, clear film that protects printed circuit boards from current creepage and short circuits and is resistant to environmental effects such as moisture, salt spray, atmospheric oils, dust, oxidation, diluted acids, alkalis, alcohol and humidity.

Three coats will provide a dielectric resistance of 16kV. Allow 30 minutes drying time between coats to facilitate build up.

The containing UV indicator allows for instant quality control of the applied coating.

CRC Plasticote 70 is effective in a wide temperature range, the protective film softens only at 100°C. It readily endures temperatures down to -70°C, provided the film is not subjected to mechanical stress.

CRC Plasticote 70 is also suitable for protecting maps, charts, legal documents and drawings from water.

Features & Benefits
  • Ready to use – No additional mixing or chemical additives required
  • High di-electric strength – Ideal for electrical/electronics applications
  • Environmental protection – To significantly extend product life
  • Easy application – Singe component system
  • Fast drying – Recoat anytime, full cure in 12 hours
  • Flexible clear film – Also suitable for protecting maps, charts, legal documents, drawings and other flexible items
  • Long-Term Indoor/Outdoor Protection – Protects for up to 2 years for long term storage of parts, equipment and machinery. Offers up to 2 years protection to electrical connections etc.
  • UV Indicator – The use of an ultra-violet light instantly allows to detect areas without CRC Plasticote 70 protection
  • Can be soldered through – Easy repair
  • Aerosol – Easy application, no clean up required
  • Ideal for touch-ups for electronic printed circuits after repair
  • Wide Temperature Range – Effective from -70°C to 120°C

  • Printed circuit boards – To protect against creepage
  • Protects components from condensation and moisture – Insulates cables and wires. Coats terminal strips, screw connections and switch boxes
  • Aerial protection – Against atmospheric corrosion for VHF, TV and radio aerials
  • Marine radio and components – Protects against salt water corrosion
  • Ideal as a universal protective coating – Maps, charts, legal documents, technical drawings, architectural plans

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