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CRC Red Urethane Seal Coat

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CRC Red Urethane Seal Coat

Urethane Based Insulating Coating For Electrical/Electronic Applications
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Aerosol 300 g, pack size 6
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CRC Red Urethane Seal Coat provides a stable single component polyurethane coating for electrical and electronic applications. It dries fast, adheres well and forms a hard, durable, flexible and non conductive film for electrical motor windings and armature coils.

Due to chemical cross linking reactions ocurring after the drying stage, CRC Red Urethane Seal Coat seals out water and moisture and is resistant to shock, abrasion, salt air and aggressive chemical atmospheres.

A special iron oxide pigmentation system yields additional film resistance without sacrificing electrical values.

The red coloration allows for easy visualisation and proof of application build.

There is no mixing, no clean up, no excessive waste. It is easy to apply and saves time and labour.

Features & Benefits
  • Ready to use – No additional mixing or chemical additives required. No clean up
  • High di-electric strength – Ideal for electrical/electronics applications
  • Environmental and mechanical protection – To significantly extend product life
  • Wide Temperature Range – Up to 100°C
  • Fast drying – 15-30 minutes to handle, full cure in 72 hours
  • Aerosol – Easy application, no clean up required
  • Corrosion Resistance – Up to 2 years outdoors
  • Insulating coating – Electric motor windings, armature coils, commutator ends, stator coils, terminals, housings, transformer ends, bus bars, solenoids, cables and wires, printed circuit boards
  • Coating for components exposed to atmospheric effects – Terminal strips, screw connections, switch boxes
  • Protecting components from condensation and moisture

Application Method
  • USDA Authorised for use in Federally inspected Meat and Poultry Plants
  • NSN 5970-01-017-5738

Physical Properties and Performance Characteristics

Appearance Red liquid
Odour Faint aromatic
Propellant Hydrocarbon
Flash Point (Open Cup) 43°C
Specific Gravity (20°C) 0.86 ± 0.02
Viscosity (25°C) 50cps
Elongation 10%
Dielectric Strength (ASTM D877) 2000 Volt/mil
Volume Resisitivity 8.4 at 10ohms/cm
Surface Resistivity 1.2 at 10ohms/cm
Adhesion (Bell Laboratory Test) Exceeds 10,000g
Corrosion Resistance Up to 2 years outdoors
Theoretical Coverage 2m2/can

Performance Characteristics

Touch Dry 30 minutes
Full Cure 12 hours
Time to Recoat Within 40 minutes / after 12 hours
Average Film Thickness Passes ASTM D115
Oil Resistance Passes ASTM D115
Temperature Resistance ≤100°C
Corrosion Resistance Up to 2 years outdoors
Theoretical Coverage 2m2/can
Clean up with Methylene chloride or other chlorinated solvents
Shipping Details

Shipping Name Aerosols
Technical Name
Class 2.1
HSNO Classification 2.1.2A 
Hazchem 2YE
UN Number 1950
Pk Group N/A
F Pt N/A
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
Summary Version Full Version
CRC Red Urethane Seal CoatCRC Red Urethane Seal Coat
TDS Technical Data Sheet
CRC Red Urethane Seal Coat
CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Aerosol 300 g, pack size 6
: 0.44kg
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