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CRC Hot Tips

CRC Hot Tips

Many of our products can be used in a multitude of ways, here are a few hot tips that you might find useful


5-56 Multi-purpose

Removes scuff marks from ceramic floor tiles, as well as crayon from walls. Can also be used to clean fibreglass bathtubs.

Our Tool-Kit in a can is great for cleaning tar off your car, or even your daily runners. Also used for reviving metals and as a degreaser.

Great for removing athletic tape, shining your golf clubs, and keeping fishing reels rust free.

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The 'Hot-Tips' provided on this website are partly provided by private users and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of CRC products by CRC Industries NZ. These uses have not been tested by CRC Industries NZ, therefore consumers should exercise common sense whenever using CRC Products. We recommend consulting our TDS's on our website for technical information, and always read the label and follow instructions, taking note of any warnings.