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CRC AC Charge

Inexpensive, quick way to refill your air-conditioning with refrigerant.

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CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Aerosol Refill Can 400 g 6
Aerosol 400 g 5

CRC AC Charge is an inexpensive, quick way to refill vehicle air-conditioning systems with refrigerant. With the unique All-In-One application method and professional quality R134a refrigerant, it is a fast and effective way to recharge the air conditioning system.

If the air coming from the air vents in the car is not as cold as it used to be, the air conditioning system could be running low in refrigerant. CRC AC Charge adds refrigerant R134a to the air conditioning system via the low-pressure inlet. The process can be completed within minutes. There is an instructional video here or in the video tab above. 

We all have a part to play in preventing global warming. R134a is a known greenhouse gas and therefore should not be released into the atmosphere. Check that the air-conditioning system does not have any leaks before using CRC AC Charge. We recommend testing the system with a leak detector product such as CRC Leak Detector before using AC Charge. If unsure, it is recommended to consult a vehicle air-conditioning specialist. Under the Climate Change Response Act 2002 it is an offence to knowingly release R134a into the atmosphere.

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use - Simple clear instructions.
  • Quick - Can be completed in minutes.
  • Professional quality R134a refrigerant.
  • Inexpensive - Cost effective method to recharge air-conditioning systems.


  • Efficiently recharges air-conditioning systems by refilling it with R134a refrigerant.

Instructions for use (we also have a step by step video of how to use the product here):

AC Charge FAQ

My A/C is not blowing as cold as I would like, if I add more refrigerant will it make the air colder?

  • Yes and no.
    If your system is low in pressure then it will not blow as cold as it should. By adding refrigerant to the recommended pressure will make the air blow colder.
    If your systems pressure is correct, then adding refrigerant will not make the air colder. In fact adding more refrigerant could cause more damage by overcharging the system.

How do I tell if my air conditioning system has a leak?

  • There can be a few clear signs that you may have a leaky system:
    Check for any discharge along the air-conditioning lines and connections.
    The pressure of your refrigerant is nil when you initially check the pressure.
    The air-conditioning clutch will fail to engage
  • Test with a leak detector product like CRC Leak Detector

How do I locate the low pressure port?

  • We recommend consulting the owner’s manual to locate the low pressure port. The low pressure port is typically located on the line that runs from the compressor through the evaporator and up to the condenser on the low pressure side of the A/C system. AC Charge hoses will only fit the low pressure port on R-134a vehicles.

Can I add R-134a directly to my R12 or other type of A/C system?

  • No.

How much refrigerant do I put in?

  • The gauge shows desired levels to fill to.

Do I need to vacuum out the system before charging?

  • Only if a part of the system has been replaced or the system pressure is lower than 10psi.

When checking the low pressure port pressure I get two readings, which one should I use?

  • This occurs when the compressor cycles on and off, the lower of the two when the compressor cycle is on is, and the higher when the compressor cycle is off. You want to ensure the A/C setting is on max cold, and the fan is on high. This should ensure the compressor cycle is always on. You want to take the reading when the compressor cycle is on.

Is my compressor working?

  • When the compressor is turned on (i.e. A/C turned on), the centre of the compressor clutch will turn with the outer pulley. If this does not occur then the compressor may need to be replaced.

Is my compressor on?

  • To see if the compressor is on or off, identify the clutch at the front of the compressor. The centre of the clutch should be spinning when the compressor cycles on (A/C on). Note: the pulleys are always spinning, while the centre of the clutch may not (A/C off).

My pressure is correct but the air is still blowing warm, why?

  • This could be due to multiple reasons. The compressor may not be working correctly. In any case you should seek an air-conditioning specialist’s opinion. 

Can I vent the refrigerant if it is overcharged?

  • It is an offence to knowingly release R134a into the atmosphere under the Climate Change Response Act 2002. This will need to be done by an air-conditioning specialist.

What happens to an overcharged system?

  • If the system is overcharged a pressure cut off switch may activate and stop you’re A/C compressor from running. If the system is overcharged consult an air-conditioning specialist to remove the refrigerant. It is an offence to knowingly release R134a into the atmosphere under the Climate Change Response Act 2002. 

Can I use AC Charge in my hybrid vehicle?

  • No.

Can I use AC Charge in my hybrid vehicles electric compressor?

  • No.



Caution - Once attached do not remove trigger from the can until it is empty as this release the contents into the atmosphere which is in breach of the Climate Change Response Act 2002.

Application Method

This product has no special approvals properties

Typical Properties and Charateristics

Appearance Colourless liquefied gas
Slight ethereal
Volatile Component (% vol) 100
Propellant HFC 134a
Flash Point N/A
Flammability Non-flammable
Freezing Point -60ºC
Dielectric Constant

Liquid 2.15
Vapour 1.0016

Solubility Immiscible in water


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Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
CRC AC ChargeCRC AC Charge


Technical Data Sheet

CRC AC Charge


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Aerosol Refill Can 400 g, pack size 6
: 0.40kg
Aerosol 400 g, pack size 5
: 0.00kg


CRC AC Charge
Inexpensive, quick way to refill your air-conditioning with refrigerant.

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