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Innovative solutions for the Automotive, Heavy Truck & Transport and Marine Industries. CRC ADOS has gained the respect of technicians, mechanics, drivers and distributors alike by providing superior quality products Innovative solutions for the Automotive, Heavy Truck & Transport and material can trust. From brake and electrical maintenance, to gasketing, adhesives and sealants, panel fillers, grease, additives and car care appearance products, CRC and ADOS have got it covered. CRC Marine offers superior quality professional-grade lubricants, cleaners, corrosion protectants and engine maintenance chemicals for boaters and marine professionals.

CRC GDI Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner

CRC GDI Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner removes carbon build-up commonly found on the backs of Intake Valves and Turbos in all types of petrol powered engines.

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CRC Brakleen

CRC Brakleen is a powerful, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for brake, clutch parts and general mechanical equipment.


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CRC CDT Cutting Range

CRC CDT Cutting Range

CRC CDT Cutting compounds are superior neat cutting, drilling tapping, and reaming lubricants, formulated for hand and machine cutting on all types of metal. They significantly reduce friction and wear,  increase cutting speeds, protect and extend tool life, and ensure consistent, high quality surface finish.

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Automotive Products

CRC Car Cleaning

Get a great looking car with CRC Car cleaning products

Jono Lester takes you through the CRC Car Care range, and shows you how to do it

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CRC Zincit

Need to protect metal from rust? Try ZINC It

ZINC It is a Zinc-rich coating that offers similar advantages to hot diping galvanizing but at a fraction of the cost.

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