Dielectric Grease Select-A-Bead
CRC Industries New Zealand

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CRC Dielectric Grease Select-A-Bead

Easy to use pressurised corrosion protection for electronics & electrical connectors

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CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Aerosol 94 g 6

CRC Dielectric Grease Select-A-Bead is a pressurised, non-curing silicone compound used for electrical sealing, lubricating, protecting and insulating.

CRC Dielectric Grease Select-A-Bead seals connectors exposed to the elements and maintains electrical performance during rain, fog, and salt spray. It is temperature resistant and will not harden, freeze, dry or melt due to temperature fluctuations.

Silicone based, CRC Dielectric Grease Select-A-Bead lubricates without bulk, keeping contacts clean, reducing wear and helping them slide. It prevents dirt, moisture, rust and oil from penetrating.

CRC Dielectric Grease Select-A-Bead is particularly useful for boaties who can apply it to battery terminals, spark plugs, electrical contacts, shore power inlets and boat electronics connectors. It is also great for trailer plugs, light bulbs, makes connecting and disconnecting fish finders a breeze, light sockets and anything else electrical that is exposed to the elements.

The CRC Select-a-Bead™ nozzle allows for easy control of silicone bead width, with a unique double piston pressurized system allowing for smooth, uniform dispensing from start to finish.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready to use -No additional mixing or chemical additives required.
  • Maximum protection from corrosion – Seals connectors exposed to the elements
  • Silicone-based – Lubricates, keeps contacts clean, reduces wear
  • Damp or extreme conditions – Maintains electrical performance during rain, fog, salt spray and temperature extremes. Ideal for marine applications
  • Temperature Resistant – Maintains performance level year round. Will not harden, freeze, dry or melt due to temperature fluctuations
  • Safe – Does not harm rubber and plastics.
  • Ensures electrical insulation and proper conductivity
  • Easily removed – With petroleum distillates or CRC CO Contact Cleaner 


  • Electrical components used in damp or extreme conditions – Electrical connectors, contacts, circuit breakers, electrical panels, bulkhead connectors, electrical panels, outdoor lighting, scoreboards, traffic lights, high voltage poles, transformers, disconnects switching mechanisms, electrical contacts, spark plugs, battery terminals, fasteners, trailer connectors, HEI distributor and any other electrical components or connections.
  • Marine applications – Battery terminals, spark plugs, electrical contacts, shore power inlets, boat electronics connectors, trailer plugs, light bulbs, light sockets, makes connecting and disconnecting fish finders a breeze.
  • Rubber and plastic parts – Excellent for lubricating and sealing rubber and plastic parts, including o-rings. Weatherproofs seal on outdoor junction boxes.

Application Method

This product has no special approvals properties

Typical Properties and Charateristics

Appearance Opaque white gel
Base Type
Flash Point >300ºC
Plastic Safe Safe on most plastics (test small area)
Film type Non-curing silicone paste
Working temperature -56.7 to 204.4ºC
Propellant Nitrogen
Dielectric Strength >450 Volts/Mil


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Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
Dielectric Grease Select-A-BeadDielectric Grease Select-A-Bead


Technical Data Sheet

Dielectric Grease Select-A-Bead


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Aerosol 94 g, pack size 6
22.30cm H x 5.70cm W x 5.70cm D : 0.19kg


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