Watertight & Waterproof Silica Based Filler Putty | E3 Epoxy Mortar
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ADOS E3 Epoxy Mortar

Two Part Silica Based Epoxy

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Mortar, Epoxy

CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Hardener + Resin Pack 8 litre 1
Resin Pail 10 litre 1
Hardener Pail 10 litre 1

Ados E3 Epoxy Mortar is a two part silica based epoxy. Once mixed, the putty can be easily moulded to form permanent watertight repairs with a smooth finish to concrete, brick, mortar and plaster. It adheres well to wet surfaces and is suitable for most underwater repairs. In cured form ADOS E3 Epoxy Mortar is many times harder and more impact resistant than concrete, has a similar consistency and colour to new concrete, and has excellent chemical and UV resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanent watertight repairs – Concrete, brick, mortar and plaster
  • Fast Cure – Cures hard within 3 hours at 30ºC.
  • Permanent and super strong – Cures harder and more impact resistant than concrete.
  • Cures watertight – Suitable for repairs to most submerged substrates.
  • Adheres to wet surfaces – Can be applied underwater.
  • Excellent cohesive properties in uncured state – Easy to work and mould, ideal when a smooth even finish is required.
  • Appearance – Similar consistency and colour to new concrete.
  • Non-slump – Suitable for overhead and vertical applications.
  • 100% solids – No shrinkage when cured.
  • Resilient – Excellent resistance to chemicals and UV rays.
  • Convenient to use – 1:1 formulation, ensures correct mixing each time.
  • NZ made

ADOS Epoxy Mortar is a two part stoichiometric formulation comprising one part Epoxy Resin (Resin) and one part Epoxy Curing Agent (Hardener)

Once these two components have been mixed in equal volumetric proportions and allowed to cure for 48 hours all individual chemical species will have taken part in the condensation reaction and as such will have been cross-linked into the cured epoxy matrix.

The technical assumption is that following immersion in water the level of contamination is at a very low level and as such does not affect the taste or appearance of water, nor support the growth of microorganisms nor the release cytotoxic, mutagenic compounds or metals.

ADOS Epoxy Mortar is expected to pass the required tests to conform to: AS/NZS 4020:2005 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water.


  • Used to join manhole risers and repairs. For sealing concrete and most plastic pipes. Suitable for patching and forming concrete products, grouting and bedding. Repairing concrete paths and driveways. Patches to vertical walls, cracked bricks and blockwork. Use for starter bolts, concrete forms and ferro cement boats. Ideal for coving, ramps, pool repairs, fishponds, roof tiles.

This product has no special approvals properties

Typical Properties andCharacteristics

Type Epoxy
Composition Silica based epoxy system
Colour Similar to new concrete
Minimum Temperature for Curing -10ºC
Service Temperature Continuous 80ºC
Intermittent 150ºC
Reactivation N/A
Viscosity Paste-like
Solids 100ºC solids
Hold Up In thick film, excellent. Has an inherent thixotropic aspect, and exhibits no slump during the cure process
Working Time Up to 25-30 minutes at 30ºC
Compression Strength 97.6 MPa
Tensile Strength 26.8 MPa


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Technical Data Sheet

ADOS E3 Epoxy Mortar


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Hardener + Resin Pack 8 litre, pack size 1
: 0.01kg
Resin Pail 10 litre, pack size 1
: 0.01kg
Hardener Pail 10 litre, pack size 1
: 0.01kg


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