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CRC EQ Silicone

Electrical Quality Multi-Purpose Silicone Spray

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CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Aerosol 300 g 6

CRC EQ Silicone is a high quality, multi-purpose clear silicone spray that leaves a thin, durable, clear, odourless film with high viscosity and non-corrosive properties. It lubricates and protects over a wide range of temperatures without leaving marks or stains. It provides effective waterproofing and superior lubrication especially for sliding surfaces. It eliminates squeaking and binding caused by friction.

CRC EQ Silicone is designed specifically for the servicing of electrical, mechanical and electronic driven equipment and is safe for use on metals, plastics, rubber, fabrics, wood, glass and painted surfaces. Some common uses include coin slides, cable splicing knives and nylon mechanisms in electronic equipment. Excellent mould releases.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Purpose Product – Lubricates, protects, waterproofs
  • Clear silicone, odourless, non-staining
  • Harmless to most materials – Metals, plastics, rubber, adhesives, wood, fabrics, glass, inks and paints
  • Wide Temperature Range – Effective from -40°C to 260°C
  • Resists Moisture – Stays in place in damp environments
  • Reduces Friction and Wear – Reduces noise. Extends product life. Reduces downtime.
  • Excellent mould release, parting agent and machine bed lubricant
  • Eliminates the need for messy greases and oils


  • Ideal for coin mechanisms, conveyors, cable splicing, knives, locks, motor bearings, rubber seals, pinball machines, vending machines, pulleys, parking meters, projectors. Ideal on small wire pulls.
  • For use on electrical and communication systems, photographic equipment, controls
  • Lubricates, silicone spray waterproofs and protects rubber, plastic, metal, nylon and wood
  • Restores, protects and preserves rubber mats, mountings and seals, vinyl tops, weather stripping, dashboards, door mouldings and plastic parts
  • Protects and lubricates tools, hoists, jacks, latches, switches, controls, zippers and pulleys

Application Method



  • NSF H1 Registered for use in meat and poultry plants
  • Meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for lubricants with incidental food contact

Physical Properties

Appearance Clear, water-white liquid
Odour Pleasant solvent
Propellant Hydrocarbon
Flash Point <0°C
Boiling Point 80°C initial
Solubility Negligible in water
Specific Gravity 0.87

Performance Characteristics

Type of film Viscous glossy film
Dry Time 5 minutes
Temperature Range -40°C to +260°C
Dielectric Strength 350 Volts/Mil
Dielectric Constant @ 25ºC 2.750 106 cycle
Volume Resistivity 1 x 1014 Ohm/cm
Thermal Conductivity @ 66ºC 018kg-cal/H/m2ºC


Shipping Details

Shipping Name Aerosols
Technical Name
Class 2.1
HSNO Classification 2.1.2A
Hazchem 2YE
UN Number 1950
Pk Group N/A
F Pt N/A


Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
CRC E.Q. SiliconeCRC E.Q. Silicone


Technical Data Sheet

CRC EQ Silicone


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Aerosol 300 g, pack size 6
: 0.43kg


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