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CRC EXOFF Degreaser & Parts Cleaner

Next generation high performance cleaning technology pH neutral, safe on surfaces, users and the environment.

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CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Trigger 750 ml 6
Jerry Can 5 litre 2
Jerry Can 20 litre 1
Drum 200 litre 1

The CRC Exoff Range provides uncompromised performance and safety. Next generation high performance cleaning technology, pH neutral, safe on surfaces, users and the environment.

Formulated to penetrate and dissolve tough grease, oil and contaminants for easy removal – safely.

Use confidently on all metals and alloys – will not damage bright metals including aluminium and brass. Safe on fibreglass, glass, plastics, rubber, painted surfaces, laminates.

For use in heavy industry, automotive and service applications, workshops and garages.

Ready to use, no mixing required. Easy use dual applicator trigger – jet or wide spray.
CRC EXOFF is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, pH balanced, and water soluble. The advanced formula is powerful but is non-abrasive, non-corrosive, contains no solvents.

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Features & Benefits


New generation technology delivers uncompromised performance.


Safe on users and the environment, no dangerous fumes or smells.


Much safer on you, surfaces and the environment. CRC Exoff is not highly acidic or alkaline.


Prevents corrosion and flash rust while cleaning.


Won't damage soft human tissue, soft surfaces or bright metals like aluminium or brass. Use CRC Exoff with confidence.


Use with Confidence in busy workshops and trade environments without fear of ignition. CRC Exoff is safe to use around ignition sources.


All ingredients are readily decomposable avoiding pollution and environmental impacts.


No harmful fumes or vapours - safer for users and surfaces. Perfect for confined spaces. Avoids potential health impacts. CRC Exoff has a longer dwell and work time than solvent based cleaners making tough cleaning easier.


  • Formulated to penetrate and dissolve tough grease, oil and contaminants for easy removal – safely. Fast and effective cleaning of engines, parts, bearings, motors, generators, compressors, mechanical equipment, tools, wire rope, chains, conveyers, hydraulic systems, filters, grills, drilling and tapping applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CRC Exoff work?

The cleaning efficacy of the CRC Exoff formulation is powered by a surfactant blend which creates dynamic surface tension modifications at the substrate/soil interface. The action of the molecules producing this effect undermine the adhesion of the contaminant and expel it from the surface. Serious cleaning and degreasing power.

What makes CRC Exoff so special?

CRC Exoff is a unique product - combining outstanding high-performance cleaning and degreasing qualities with a very positive clean safety profile. CRC Exoff is very safe on the people using it being pH neutral (7), non-corrosive and non-toxic – there are no GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) pictogram warnings for acute or chronic health concerns and it is not classified as a dangerous good. Plus, CRC Exoff is gentle on the environment being biodegradable with all ingredients readily decomposable. There are no EHS environmental warnings on the label. These properties make CRC Exoff ideal for use in many applications especially where there are regulations or restrictions in place concerning the types of products that can be safely used or allowed onto sites.

Why is there a rust inhibitor in CRC Exoff?

When metal is cleaned of contaminants it looks great, but the surface is now exposed to the elements, left unprotected the natural progression is that surface rust will form. CRC Exoff is such an effective cleaner and degreaser the result is perfectly cleaned metal surfaces. CRC includes a rust inhibitor in CRC Exoff to assist in preventing flash rust on the newly cleaned metal. As with all cleaned metal surfaces a further timely protective coating is recommended.

Is CRC Exoff safe to use on all surfaces?

Generally, yes when application directions are followed. CRC Exoff is unique in its formulation providing high-performance cleaning and degreasing whilst being safe on almost all surfaces. If there is any concern regarding sensitivity of the surface, then test on an inconspicuous area first. The quality of paints and painted surfaces varies greatly so in some cases testing is advised.

Does Exoff replace Ozzy Juice in the CRC Smartwasher system?

No. Exoff can be used as an excellent pre-wash prior to cleaning in the CRC Smartwasher system, but it cannot be poured directly into the Smartwasher. Exoff does not contain the Ozzy microbes used in the Smartwasher system.

Can I use CRC Exoff in a parts washer?

Yes, CRC Exoff is an excellent cleaner and works well in a soaking bath or recirculating parts washer system. Replacing the solvent with CRC Exoff will prevent flammability and safety hazards. CRC Exoff cannot be used in bioremediating parts washer system.

Can I use CRC Exoff in a power washer?

Yes you can. It is suggested that you trial first as there is variation between machines and delivery method. 

This product has no special approvals properties

Typical Properties and Charateristics

Appearance Colourless slightly opaque liquid
Mild - Unfragranced
Boiling Point >100ºC
Solubility Miscible in water
pH 7.5 - 8.0
Specific Gravity 1.07
Flammability Non-flammable


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Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
EXOFF Degreaser & Parts CleanerEXOFF Degreaser & Parts Cleaner


Technical Data Sheet

EXOFF Degreaser and Parts Cleaner


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Trigger 750 ml, pack size 6
26.00cm H x 11.50cm W x 6.30cm D : 0.92kg
Jerry Can 5 litre, pack size 2
29.00cm H x 19.00cm W x 12.00cm D : 5.56kg
Jerry Can 20 litre, pack size 1
40.00cm H x 29.00cm W x 22.00cm D : 20.10kg
Drum 200 litre, pack size 1
89.00cm H x 57.00cm W x 57.00cm D : 212.00kg


CRC Exoff - Next Generation Cleaning
The CRC Exoff Range provides uncompromised performance and safety.