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Looking for a high-performance, safe, sustainable cleaner?

CRC Exoff is a unique product - combining outstanding high-performancecleaning and degreasing qualities with a very positive clean safetyprofile. CRC Exoff is very safe on the people using it being pH neutral(7), non-corrosive and non-toxic – there are no GHS (Globally HarmonizedSystem of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) pictogram warningsfor acute or chronic health concerns and it is not classified as adangerous good. Plus, CRC Exoff is gentle on the environment beingbiodegradable with all ingredients readily decomposable. There are no EHS environmental warnings on the label. These properties make CRC Exoffideal for use in many applications especially where there areregulations or restrictions in place concerning the types of productsthat can be safely used or allowed onto sites. 

How To- 

1) Spray and leave on surface for 1-2 minutes. Heavy soiling may require agitation. 

2) Wipe or rinse off. 

3) Repeat if necessary. If there is any concern regarding sensitivity of surface test on and inconspicuous area first.  

Features & Benefits


New generation technology delivers uncompromised performance.


Safe on users and the environment, no dangerous fumes or smells.


Much safer on you, surfaces and the environment. CRC Exoff is not highly acidic or alkaline.


Prevents corrosion and flash rust while cleaning.


Won't damage soft human tissue, soft surfaces or bright metals like aluminium or brass. Use CRC Exoff with confidence.


Use with Confidence in busy workshops and trade environments without fear of ignition. CRC Exoff is safe to use around ignition sources.


All ingredients are readily decomposable avoiding pollution and environmental impacts.


No harmful fumes or vapours - safer for users and surfaces. Perfect for confined spaces. Avoids potential health impacts. CRC Exoff has a longer dwell and work time than solvent based cleaners making tough cleaning easier.