Food Grade Multi-Purpose Grease
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CRC Food Grade Multi-Purpose Grease

High Purity Multi-Purpose Grease

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CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Cartridge 397 g 10

CRC Food Grade Multipurpose Grease is a tenacious, NLGI 2 white grease providing superior lubrication and durability in food production and processing applications. It is designed for effective lubrication and protection of ball, roller and plain bearings that operate under high loads and temperatures, and require a long grease life.

CRC Food Grade Multipurpose Grease protects equipment against rust, oxidation and wear. It resists throw-off, shear breakdown as well as water and detergent wash out. It will not pound out of bearings and bushings during shock loads.

Temperature Range from -35°C to +149°C. MPI Approved C15. NZ AsureQuality assessment for food/beverage including dairy factories with incidental contact. NSF H1 Registered for incidental food contact.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Adhesion - Resists Sling-Off
  • Highly resistant to moisture, water and detergent – Will not wash off when equipment is cleaned
  • Protects against rust and corrosion 
  • Non-toxic, odourless, tasteless
  • Wide Temperature Range – Effective from -35°C to +149°C
  • MPI Approved C15
  • NZ AsureQuality assessment for food/beverage including dairy factories with incidental contact
  • NSF H1 Registered for incidental food contact


  • FOR USE BY – Bakeries, bottlers, breweries, canneries, dairies, egg processors, meat and poultry processors and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • FOR USE ON – Ovens, dryers, gears, valves, pumps, winches, conveyors, fittings, linkages, wire ropes, hoists, rollers, cams, slide bearings, o-rings

Product Literature

Application Method



Physical Properties

Flash Point > 230°C
Boiling Point ND
Appearance White Grease
Thickener Type Aluminium Complex  
Colour   White
Odour Slight odour
Solubility Slight in water
% Volatile 0.3
Specific Gravity 0.89

Performance Characteristics

Viscosity Base Oil @ 40°C
150 cSt
Dropping Point (°C), Min
[ASTM D-2265] 
Timken OK Load [ASTM D-2509] 18kgs                         
Worked 60 strokes
[ASTM D-217]
Worked 25°C, mm/10
[ASTM D-217]
4 Ball EP, Weld Point, Kg
[ASTM D-2596]
4 Ball Wear test, mm scar diameter       [ASTM D-2266] 0.60
4 Ball weld load, Kg
[ASTM D-2596]
Copper corrosion of Greases [ASTM D-4048] 1b
Penetration consistency change, 100,000 stroke, change from worked pen, mm/10
[ASTM D-1831]
Operating Temperature Range -35°C to +149°C


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Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
CRC Food Grade Multi Purpose GreaseCRC Food Grade Multi Purpose Grease


Technical Data Sheet

CRC Food Grade Multi Purpose Grease


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Cartridge 397 g, pack size 10
23.50cm H x 5.60cm W x 5.60cm D : 0.40kg


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