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How To Clean Headlights - Quickly And Easily

You might not think it but car headlights require just as much cleaning as the rest of your car. Surface oxidation, harsh UV rays and other contaminants are just some of the things that can cause hazing or fading. Yellow, cloudy or dull headlights are a risk when it comes to safe driving at night so it’s important to keep them as crystal clear as you can.

While some people claim you can clean car headlights with toothpaste, baking soda or just soap and water - we created a dedicated product to keep your headlight lenses clean without causing long term damage. That product is CRC Headlight Doctor and the guide below shows you how to clean headlights, quickly and easily.


How to Clean Headlights - A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Get what you’ll need to do the job

The first thing you’ll need to do is to get everything you’ll need to do the job. This includes:

  • CRC Headlight Doctor
  • Premium Car Wash product (CRC Ultra Gloss recommended) for excess dirt removal (if required)
  • Sponge, bucket and water for car wash product (if required)
  • Clean soft cloth

2. Remove excess dirt from headlights

CRC Headlight Doctor works best when any excess dirt, dust or grime has been removed from the exterior of the headlight. We recommend using a premium car wash product, (like CRC Ultra Gloss) to do this.

Premium car washes are much gentler on paintwork and surfaces like the exteriors of headlights and given their importance, it pays to give them extra care.

Following the instructions on your premium car wash product, clean the excess dirt off the headlights and dry.

3. Rub the entire lens with CRC Headlight Doctor

Using one side of the clean cloth, firmly rub a small amount of CRC Headlight Doctor onto the entire lens in circular motions. While doing this, do your best to avoid touching the black headlight surroundings as the product is specifically conditioned for headlights.

4. Buff off

Using the other side of your clean cloth, buff off the CRC Headlight Doctor you’ve applied to the headlight lens. For heavily oxidised, multiple applications may be necessary to achieve the best results.

For the ultimate finish, repeat application as described above until no brown residue remains on your soft cloth.

Always keep your headlights clean!

So there you have it. Our easy to follow guide on how to keep your headlights clean. Not only will they end up looking great but you’ll have vastly improved your driving visibility at night.