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CRC has innovative Industrial & Electrical solutions for when quality, safety and performance counts. CRC and ADOS products are in the forefront for mechanical repair & maintenance of manufacturing plants, buildings and facilities, construction, engineering, mining, transportation, food processing and dairy plants. Professional and appoved grade lubricants, penetrants, corrosion protective coatings, cleaners and degreasers, food grade approved MRO chemicals, adhesives and sealants - CRC and ADOS has a product to meet every application.

CRC Paint Marker Pen

CRC Paint Marker Pens

CRC Marker Pen uses solvent based paint formula for durable marking on multiple surfaces in all weather conditions. It shows excellent coverage and is an ideal product for every toolbox.

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CRC Exoff Range

The CRC Exoff Range provides uncompromised performance and safety. Next generation high performance cleaning technology, pH neutral, safe on surfaces, users and the environment.

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Anti-Seize Range

Copper & Nickel high temperature anti-seize lubricating compounds.

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Industrial / Electrical Products

CRC Brakleen

CRC Brakleen

CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner is formulated to quickly and safely remove grease, oil brake fluid and other contaminants from brake linings, pads, drums and calipers and all other mechanical components

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CRC Zincit

Need to protect metal from rust? Try ZINC It

ZINC It is a Zinc-rich coating that offers similar advantages to hot diping galvanizing but at a fraction of the cost.

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