Leak Stop
CRC Industries New Zealand

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Stop leaks instantly:

ADOS Leak Stop, an instant waterproofing sealant that can be used in rain, hail, or shine!

Big or small, no leaks a good leak!

Roof guttering, skylights, downpipes, or even ventilation pipes, can all be common problems for any household occupant, business owner, or landlord.

No need to wait for the plumber, ADOS Leak Stop Is a simple to use instant waterproofing sealant that can be applied in rain, snow, and even under water, and here’s how an everyday Kiwi can do it!

1. Remove dirt and debris from surface to be sealed 

2. Cut the cartridge at top and screw on spade applicator 

3 .Apply sealant onto crack, gap or opening, ensuring a thick coating that bridges at least 
15mm each side of the repair 

4. In extreme cases a second layer can be applied after a few days 

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