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CRC Minute Mend

Epoxy Putty For Quick And Easy Permanent Repair

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Resin / Glues/ Fillers, Panel & Marine Fillers

CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Tube 114 g 12

Minute Mend is a versatile epoxy putty packaged in a convenient one piece stick for immediate, permanent repairs. It can be used to reshape, rebuild or permanently repair a variety of surfaces and applications. It is hand-kneadable and mixes in just one minute. Minute Mend is ideal to permanently repair scratches, gouges and holes, to perform routine electrical jobs and to stops leaks. It can be used for plumbing, electrical, ceramic, vehicle and machinery repair

Once fully cured Minute Mend epoxy putty can be sanded, filed, tapped, sawed, drilled, machined, stained or painted. It also bonds to both wet and dry surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient – Easy, no mess and is ready to use in less than one minute
  • Multiple Uses – Ideal to reshape, rebuild, or permanently repair a variety of surfaces and applications.
  • Cures steel hard.
  • Will not sag, run or drip
  • Good adhesive strength
  • Good gap filling properties
  • Excellent anchoring properties
  • Versatile - Bonds tenaciously to fiberglass, metal, wood, steel, aluminium, concrete, ceramic, plastic and glass.
  • Specially Formulated - Bonds to both wet and dry surfaces and can be applied under water.
  • After full cure, Minute Mend epoxy putty can be sanded, tapped, sawed, drilled, machined, stained or painted.
  • Heat resistant to 120⁰C continuously or 177⁰C intermittently.
  • No Fire or Flash Point - Safe for use in many applications.
  • M.S.D.[L.]™-Material Safety Data Label Provides instant access to current safety information should an accident or OSHA inspection occur. Helps comply with OSHA Hazard Communications Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200.


  • To permanently repair scratches, gouges and holes in drums, tanks, castings, molds, sinks, tubs and leaky gaskets
  • To perform routine electrical jobs such as mounting terminal blocks, packing wires and repairing breaker boxes
  • To seal and stop leaks, even under water – Gutters, downpipes etc.
  • To be used in plumbing, electrical, ceramic, as well as vehicle and machinery repair.
  • To repair and replace – Timber, metal, masonry, many plastics and ceramics.
  • To mend – Appliances, sports equipment, toys etc.
  • To patch – Chipped concrete, bricks, floors, blocks…
  • To form – Missing parts, knobs…
  • To anchor – Screws, housings, bolts…
  • To attach – Signs, fixtures….
  • To balance table/chair/desk legs…
  • Epoxy putty products

Product Selection Guide


  • Meets 1998 USDA guidelines for use in meat and poultry plants

Typical Properties and Characteristics:

Appearance Grey/green 2-Part epoxy stick
Working Life 30 minutes
Full Cure 24 hours
Specific Gravity 1.9
Shore D hardness (full cure) 75
Lap shear tensile strength on steel 800-1000 lbs
Temperature limitations 120ºC continuous, 177ºC intermittent
Electrical resistance 30,000 megaohms
ASTM D-149 (Dielectrical Strength) 300 volts/mil
Shrinkage Less than 1%
Chemical Resistance Ketone, alcohol, halogenated hydrocarbon, esters, aqueous salt solution, dilute acidic/basic solution


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Material Safety Data Sheet

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CRC Minute MendCRC Minute Mend


Technical Data Sheet

CRC Minute Mend Epoxy Putty


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Tube 114 g, pack size 12
2.00cm H x 22.50cm W x 2.00cm D : 0.15kg