Moto Chain Wax
CRC Industries New Zealand

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CRC Moto Chain Wax

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CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Aerosol 400 ml 6

CRC Moto Chain Wax is formulated to provide long lasting, heavy duty protection and lubrication. Its waxy formula makes it ideal for street and off-road use and allows it to continue performing in sand, mud, and other harsh conditions.

This race quality lubricant is ideal for use on gears, sprockets, chain and sliding parts and is O Ring, X Ring and Z Ring compatible .

Features and Benefits:

  • Off-road formula
  • Lubricates & protects
  • Ideal for gears, sprockets, chain and sliding parts
  • Suitable for sand, mud & other harsh conditions
  • Long lasting
  • Race quality
  • O ring, X ring and Z ring compatible

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Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
CRC Moto Chain Wax SDSCRC Moto Chain Wax SDS


Technical Data Sheet

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CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Aerosol 400 ml, pack size 6
19.30cm H x 6.50cm W x 6.50cm D : 0.40kg


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