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Trusted Brands Car Care Winner

Recognised globally for our consistent performance and superior value, we have been providing premium-quality chemicals and adhesives for repair and maintenance professionals since the early 1960's.

Over the years, CRC New Zealand has developed a range of top-tier products made in our own product development facilities. These facilities support CRC’s global operation and ensure that Kiwis have the best of both worlds: products manufactured specifically for New Zealand conditions, and using the latest technologies available worldwide. 

While we have established a prominent position in the New Zealand marketplace, we plan rapid expansion in 2017. We will explore new technology for engine-maintenance products and develop an exciting new car care range. 

Our enthusiastic team are devoted to producing a range of great products that really work. It’s our passion for our products that have made us a trusted brand that is synonymous with quality and performance, as we continue to cater for Kiwis who want to get out there and get their hands dirty.

What it takes to be a Trusted Brand:

For 18 years Reader's Digest has approached ordinary consumers to ask their opinions on what brands of products and services are important to them. From these years of research, they are able to confidently dissect precisely what features a trusted brand must possess in order to maintain relevance and purpose for New Zealand consumers.

A trusted brand enjoys international appeal, yet at the same time upholds a strong local connection. It has individual relevance for all its consumers, just about anywhere and in any culture.

Trust is an emotion that fuels our decision whether we are conscious of it or not. It is that intangible quality that signals reliability and integrity. Whether it is a product or service, trust is what reassures us that we are making the right choice. Cost, quality and desirability are all important factors for consumers. Yet it’s vital for a brand to stay true to its promises. While brands come in and out of vogue, those that capture our attention, maintain our confidence and win over our trust do so by holding fast to their core principles.