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CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen Cleaner

Windscreen cleaner that prevents fogging and misting while reducing glare

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CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Bottle 60 ml 25

CRC Nu-Vu is a windscreen cleaner (NZ made) with a unique formula removes insects, road film, dirt & grime from windscreens. It also reduces headlight glare and prevents webbing and fogging. It gives an unrestricted road vision both inside and outside the vehicle, cleaning and demisting windscreens and windows.

It can be used in your windscreen washer for a streak-free, crystal clear windscreen or applied directly onto the windscreen using the CRC Nu-Vu Demisting Cloth. Using it on the inside of windscreens prevents the glass from fogging.

For results that’ll match any heavy-duty glass cleaner, you can’t go past CRC Nu-Vu.

Pack Options :

  • NV 1 - One-Shot Concentrate (60ml) - A single application designed and packaged to treat a full washer bottle.

Features & Benefits 

  • Removes insects, road film, dirt & grime.
  • Reduces headlight glare, prevents webbing and fogging
  • Gives unrestricted road vision both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Cleans and demists windscreens, windows and mirrors
  • Crystal clear windscreens - Improved visibility due to smear and streak-free formula
  • Helps smooth wiper blade action
  • Ideal for use all year round


  • Suitable for all automotive windscreens, windows and mirrors.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen CleanerCRC Nu-Vu Windscreen Cleaner


Technical Data Sheet

Nu Vu


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Bottle 60 ml, pack size 25
15.00cm H x 6.00cm W x 6.00cm D : 0.33kg


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