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Permanent Repair's done right the first time:

This little patch is just about the most versatile permanent fix solution on the market.

Unlike tape this fibre-glass patch does not require multiple applications, just cut, peel, stick and you're finished. With an adhesive base it will stick to just about anything and will harden like steel, handling high-pressure scenarios with ease.

The ability to cut only as much as you need stops wastage and means one patch can last longer than you may think.

This clever little patch cures via UV light, which can take as little as 5 minutes on a sunny day. And if you're wondering how you can cure patches in your boat hull, or under your house in the dark, we've thought of that too selling a UV torch separately for those low light applications.

Check out our video below and see for yourself why this patch is really something to get excited about.

How to -

Read entire label before using this product.

1) Surface should be clean and dry. Abrade if necessary.

2) Cut Perma-Mend patch to required size without exposing to sunlight. Replace remaining material into foil protective sheet. 

3) Remove white backing tape to expose the sticky resin. Apply patch to repair area with sticky side down. Press firmly.

4) Remove transparent film from patch top. Expose to UV or sunlight. Curing time depends on UV intensity, between 5 minutes and 50 minutes.