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Lubricants / Penetrants / Protectants

Looking for the protection of 5.56 Multi-purpose, the penetrating power of Penetr8 or a technically advanced Dry Lube? Whether it be for use on the job or around the home in New Zealand - CRC offers an assortment of trade-quality industrial lubricants, penetrants and protectants to get the job done.

Our extensive selection includes marine, car, oil-based and other high-quality products

We are proud to stock an extensive range of industrial lubricants, penetrants, protectants and dry lubes in New Zealand with products to meet your needs in any situation. Whether you need it around the house or at work, our products are designed to provide solutions that benefit you in the short and long term. Our range includes, but is not limited to:

Lubricants: Multi-purpose formulas that form a thin film to lubricate any material, machinery and equipment to prevent future corrosion from damaging the surface. We offer many varieties, including industrial lubricants, automotive lubricants and even water-based lubricants.

Penetrants: Low viscosity formulas that cut through corrosion, rust and scale, quickly and effectively loosening dirt and stuck fasteners. CRC Penetr8 comes in Hi Speed or Freeze Off versions – the latter of which utilises a unique freezing effect designed to loosen and free seized, bound or frozen fasteners. 

Protectants: For protecting specific surfaces from UV damage and static using a thin layer of a specially developed solution. CRC’s range of protectants helps preserve a surface’s appearance while preventing possible damage.

Dry Lube: Designed to offer the benefits of regular lube in contexts where you need a fast-drying protective film. The formula is applied wet and dries in minutes to leave high-bonding layer that frees up the movement of parts and ensures optimum performance.

For all the industrial lubricants, penetrants and protectants you need - you can trust CRC.

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