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Silicone Sprays

View our range of high quality silicone sprays including 808 Silicone

CRC has been manufacturing high quality silicone based products for decades, refining and perfecting the processes and products. CRC has an impressive range of silicone lubricating sprays and silicone oils, from 808 silicone to EQ silicone.

Not just Silicone lubricating sprays..

Say goodbye to messy grease: 808 silicone is clear, odourless, and non-staining, a powerful silicone lubricating spray with impressive properties. It revives, lubricates, waterproofs, cleans and shines, all in one convenient spray. This powerful penetrating lubricant spray will resist moisture and reduce friction and wear.

For the extreme: CRC aims to provide products for every application, and Extreme Duty silicone is no exception. It is a premium grade silicone oil with excellent lubrication and temperature viscosity characteristics. Another application is CRC Silicone Mist, a lubricating spray that is applied as fine dry mist, instantly forming a ultra-thin film, that protects and lubricates.

Spray lubricants for any application

Electrical equipment? No worries: CRC offers an extensive range of spray lubricants, and EQ Silicone is one that offers impressive characteristics. It has been specially formulated for the servicing and maintenance of electrical, mechanical, and electronic driven equipment, being safe to use on almost all materials.

For the full range of silicone oils, and other lubricating sprays click here. 

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