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Washes & Polishes

We have a fantastic range of high-quality car polish and washes to give you that showroom finish and protect the paint on your car. From our hugely popular CRC Wash and Wax, CRC Polish and Wax and CRC Liquid Cut to more specialised products like CRC Ultra Gloss and CRC Tough Wash - we’ve got all your car polish and washing needs covered!

CRC has over 60 years of experience providing quality products to its consumers. When it comes to car polish and washes it’s evident, with our extensive range of high-quality products that will cover every automotive want and need.

Car polish and car cleaning products that work!

Powerful Cleaning: From traditional car wash and polish to our revolutionary spray VortX Easy, there is the right product for your car cleaning needs. CRC Ultra Gloss will provide a brilliant, high gloss shine, while the heavy duty CRC Tough Wash will attack even the hardest to remove dirt and grime without leaving those annoying swirl marks.

Quick and Easy: CRC is committed to making products that save you time, while still giving fantastic results. Quick & Easy Shine is an example of this, with a simple spray wax on and wipe off system, allowing you to get that showroom finish in minutes, with no water necessary.

The best Cut: When it comes down to the wire, there’s no beating your traditional cut & polish. CRC’s RE-PO range is highly regarded as one of the best, with high quality cutting and polishing compounds and cream polishes that will transform your paintwork and paint surfaces to their former glory.

Just scratching the surface: CRC is continuously innovating its car cleaning products and has an extensive range covering many needs, such as CRC Paint Doctor, a scratch remover that will make scratches disappear. We also have solutions for glass, metal, headlights and plastic and rubber. Check out CRC’s full Doctor Range and the entire CRC Car Care Range to see everything we have to offer.

We’re known as having some of the best liquid polish, washes and protection coatings money can buy which will make washing and waxing your car an absolute joy. We’ve no doubts that once you try them out there’ll be no turning back.

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