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Corrosion Protection & Coatings

CRC has a trade quality selection of primers, rust converters and protective coatings formulated for New Zealand’s tough conditions. A range of zinc products for galvanic rust protection of steel or iron, CRC Rust Converter to neutralise rust and convert it to a tough black primer and a wide selection of protective compounds and coatings.



Not all rust treatments are created equal - At CRC we have over 50 years experience in corrosion protection and prevention. One of our new offerings to the market is CRC Rust Converter, a powerful forumla that turns your rust into a tough primer, not only inhibiting the rust but preparing it for coating. This is the most effective and convenient way to treat rust around your home, workplace, or workshop, made to a professional quality standard. 

Protective compounds that will keep your equipment rust free - Using advanced professional grade formulas, CRC has developed a wide range of protective compounds of varying strength to fit your specific needs. Wether it's Di-Electric Grease to protect your bulbs from shorting, Tackleguard to protect your Rods and Reels, or Soft Seal to protect your precious investments over winter, CRC has it all. 

Metal primers for every step of the process - From prepping to priming to Etching, CRC has a full range of metal primers formulated to the highest quality, giving you confidence next time you go to paint a top coat. 

The home of innovative and durable paint coatings - With a wide range of colours and applications our Paint It range is perfect for all your painting needs around the workplace, workshop, or home. 
CRC also offers specialist paint coatings for specific applications such as extreme temperatures or safety compliance. CRC Safety Reflect is a 2-Part paint system which provides impressive reflectivity using glass microsphere technology. 
CRC Safety Grip is an instant spray grip which provides a durable grippy coating that is easier to use then traditional tapes and can be used on curved surfaces with ease. 

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