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Consumer Adhesives

View our extensive high quality range of Consumer adhesives, including F2 Multipurpose Contact Adhesive

CRC ADOS has had a long time commitment to providing high quality adhesives that work in most applications and conditions, no matter how demanding the scenario. ADOS is synonymous with strength and reliability, providing Adhesives and high strength glues to New Zealanders for many years. Partnering with the CRC brand, the relationship brings forward an extensive range that is committed to innovation and performance.

From Adhesives to High Strength glues – It’s ADOS

The ole faithful: ADOS F2 is the contact adhesive for every job, with a high pedigree and strong reputation, it is the yard-stick in consumer adhesives in NZ. Along with F2, there is a large family of products such as F3, a non-drip variant and F38 for high heat applications.

We love sticky situations: ADOS is committed to making things stick and staying that way.. but ADOS On & Off is the exemption. A smart restickable high-tack adhesive, allowing you to move and stick objects without damaging and staining materials.

Commercial applications, from metal to plastic adhesives

Not just for the house: ADOS HS-E personifies the capabilities of our CRC Adhesives range. It can be used in construction, engineering, automotive, and marine industries, providing excellent adhesion with advanced properties. It is fast curing, sag resistant, free of solvent, and one of the best plastic adhesives on the market. This is one capable product.

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