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CRC ADOS has a range of sealants fit to meet almost all requirements – heavy industry, construction, window joinery, kitchen, automotive, marine, aircraft and more. Our advanced technology and new products mean correctly specified sealant solutions are now available. View the sealant range below.

General Purpose – Fit for every application

At CRC ADOS we offer a wide range of high quality sealants, perfect for almost any application. From Universal silicone sealant, to Leak Stop – our newest silicone sealant, that can be applied even in rain and snow. We strive to constantly innovate and deliver the highest quality product, offering a CRC ADOS solution to every need.

Gasketing and Jointing

We also provide solutions for gasketing, jointing and other applications for fast, easy and affordable results.

High quality trade sealants

If you need a reputable product for trade applications that can get the job done quickly with no sacrifice on quality, we stock a selection of both general and specialised trade sealants in NZ. From RTV to our BRANZ appraised ADOS MS, our range of sealants have all the characteristics you need to meet requirements in a variety of contexts.

Whichever product you choose, you can be sure that you will get quick, affordable and high quality results both at home and in the workplace. To view more detailed information and specifications on an item, select a category in the list above and click on the name or thumbnail of the product you are interested in.

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