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Food Grade Compliance Documentation

At CRC we understand the food industry, whether growing, producing, and processing or packaging requires the most stringent conformity of compliance.

CRC is a certified supplier of MPI & NZ AsureQuality endorsed food safe products.

We have developed a range of MPI, NZ AsureQuality & NSF approved products, manufactured to the same high standard that has made CRC a worldwide leader in MRO maintenance. Additionally, we have developed our exclusive CRC GREENLIGHT Food Safety Program, developed to reduce the risk of incident when conducting maintenance during production.

CRC Central Point for Food Grade Audit Documentation

Please download the documentation from the list below.

Note each product pack contains

  • MSDS
  • TSE/BSE statement
  • NZ AsureQuality approval
  • MPI approval
  • TDS
  • Allergen certificate
Code Description Download
CRC Food Grade Lubricants
3043, 3042, 3041
CRC Food Grade Silicone
PDF 1.92MB
CRC Food Grade 5-56
PDF 1.64MB
CRC Food Grade Penetrating Oil
PDF 1.72MB
CRC Food Grade Machine Oil
PDF 1.78MB
3362 CRC Food Grade Synthetic Lube PDF 1.44MB
CRC Food Grade Dry Lube
PDF 1.63MB
3091 CRC Food Grade Chain Lube
PDF 1.66MB
3100 CRC Food Grade White Chain & Drive Lube
PDF 1.44MB
1752351 CRC Food Grade Heavy Chain & Meat Rail Lube
PDF 1.72MB
CRC Food Grade Anti-Seize Compound
PDF 1.51MB
CRC Food Grade Cleaners & Degreasers
3102 CRC Food Grade CO Contact Cleaner
PDF 1.50MB
3103 CRC Food Grade Contaminant & Label Release
PDF 1.73MB
3420, 3423
CRC EXOFF Food Grade Degreaser & Parts Cleaner PDF 1.85MB
CRC Food Grade Greases
3037, 3039
CRC Food Grade Silicone Grease PDF 1.40MB
3079 CRC Food Grade Dielectric Grease Select A Bead
PDF 1.89MB
35600 CRC Food Grade Multi-Purpose Grease
PDF 1.73MB
35610 CRC Food Grade Synthetic Grease
PDF 1.51MB
35615 CRC Food Grade Extreme Duty Grease
PDF 1.53MB
3038 CRC Food Grade White Grease
PDF 1.70MB
CRC Food Grade Sealants
3312 ADOS Food Grade Silicone Sealant - Translucent PDF 1.53MB
3310 ADOS Food Grade Silicone Sealant - White PDF 1.45MB
3314 ADOS Food Grade Silicone Sealant - Titania PDF 1.73MB

Reduce your risk with CRC

The CRC GREENLIGHT Food Safety Program can either simplify or improve on your current QA auditing programs through the introduction of:

  • The CRC range of MPI and NZ AsureQuality approved maintenance products
  • On-site central point for audit documentation  - SDS, TDS, MPI, NZ AsureQuality and allergen certificates
  • A visual food safety identification program through wall and cupboard signage, posters and printed materials
  • Site survey and assessment
  • On-going updates to ensure you remain at the highest level of regulatory compliance
  • Inventory assessment & management with an aim to reduce costs

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