Timber Sealer / Primer
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ADOS Timber Sealer / Primer

Timber Sealer And Primer

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Resin / Glues/ Fillers

CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Resin Can 4 litre 1
Hardener Can 4 litre 1

ADOS Timber Sealer/Primer is an equal mix epoxy coating. Once applied it soaks deep into the timber cells and hardens to an extremely tough epoxy coat. This effectively densifies the timber. The dense coat stops any water entering staining or rotting the timber. ADOS Timber Sealer/Primer can be painted over with varnishes, oil paints and acrylic paints. It is an ideal sealer for new timber. ADOS Timber Sealer/Primer also kills existing bacteria which cause rotting in timber.

Easily absorbed into all timbers ADOS Timber Sealer/Primer is ideal for marine and building applications and in fact, anywhere moisture is prevalent.

Ideal sealant / primer ADOS Timber Sealer/Primer can also be used as a clear finish coat on interior applications.

May be overcoated with all paint systems after it is thoroughly dry, provided the surface is sanded and degreased. All exterior applications should be overcoated with single pack alkyd or two pack urethane systems to prevent ultra violet surface chalking.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent long term microbiocidal barrier coating for all marine and general situations
  • An unfilled low viscosity resin and hardener of clear honey colour, which is supplied in a handy 1:1 mixing ratio form

Product Selection Guide

This product has no special approvals properties

Typical Properties and Characteristics

Pot Life 100g mass at 23°C three to four hours. Do not use below 12°C or in high humidity.
Flammability Timber Sealer and Primer is flammable


Shipping Details

Shipping Name Paint
Technical Name
Class 3
HSNO Classification 3.1B
Hazchem 3YE
UN Number 1866
Pk Group II
F Pt 21


Technical Data Sheet

There are no TDS sheets available for this product


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Resin Can 4 litre, pack size 1
: 7.80kg
Hardener Can 4 litre, pack size 1
: 0.10kg


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