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CRC Tough Wash

Heavy Duty Wash

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Washes & Polishes

CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Bottle 1 litre 6
Jerry Can 2.5 litre 4

CRC Tough Wash is an advanced heavy duty formula that provides exceptional cleaning that removes the toughest dirt and grime safely from all paint surfaces. CRC Tough Wash cleans thoroughly without stripping your vehicles protective coating or dulling paintwork.

Dilute with water to clean away dirt and grime and leave a brilliant streak-free shine.

Applied full strength, CRC Tough Wash removes stubborn bugs, road tar, tree sap and bird residue.

Features & Benefits 

  • Heavy duty formula – Removes tough dirt, grime, bugs, road tar, tree sap, bird residue
  • Safe for all paint surfaces
  • Cleans without stripping the protective coating
  • Will not dull paintwork
  • Will not leave water spots on glass or paintwork
  • Leaves a brilliant streak-free shine
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in NZ


  • Ideal for all types of motor vehicles – cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats, motor homes etc.
  • Safe to use on all paint finishes including clear coats.

This product has no special approvals properties

Physical Properties

Appearance Green liquid
pH 7.0 - 8.0
Viscosity 25ºC 400 - 500 cP


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Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
CRC Tough WashCRC Tough Wash


Technical Data Sheet

CRC Tough Wash


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Bottle 1 litre, pack size 6
23.50cm H x 11.70cm W x 5.90cm D : 1.10kg
Jerry Can 2.5 litre, pack size 4
23.30cm H x 16.00cm W x 8.50cm D : 2.65kg


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