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How to properly wash your car with CRC!

Most people think they know how to wash a car but the real question is “Do you know how to properly wash your car”? 

The way you clean your car could be satisfactory but you might be surprised how much cleaner you can get it by doing it properly. We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide below with our own tried and tested approach so you can achieve the best results possible.

Things you’ll need to wash your car

• A soft brush, cloth or sponge for washing

• Additional brushes/cloths for wheels, windows and polish (if desired)

• Microfibre cloth or towel

• Two buckets (if not using VortX). One bucket for washing your car and another bucket for cleaning out your dirty sponge or brush

• Chosen CRC Car Wash/Polish cleaner (options below)

• CRC Glass Cleaner

• CRC Headlight Cleaner

• Chosen CRC Mag/Tyre/Wheel Cleaner (options below)

• Chosen CRC Liquid Cut/Polish/Wax (options below)


How to properly wash your car

1. Rinse your car with water

Give your car a decent rinse with water across all the car’s surfaces. This will clean off any loose dirt, debris and contaminants that could scratch your paint during the washing process.

2. Fill up your buckets with clean water

Fill up your two buckets with clean water. Choose which one will be your “dirty” bucket and which one will be your “clean” bucket.

3. Pick and prep your chosen car polish/wash 

There’s a great range of CRC Car Polish/Washes and they all deliver slightly different results for different vehicles and circumstances. A quick summary of these is below: 


CRC Wash & Wax - Delivers a top wash with high-quality wax protection

CRC Tough Wash - Maximum strength for an extra dirty car 

CRC Ultra Gloss - For a top wash and shine finish

CRC VortX Easy On Wash & Wax - For a quick and easy, high-quality result (no buckets required)


Mix your chosen cleaning product in your “clean” bucket using the correct amount of solution as directed on the container. 

4. Wash your vehicle starting from the top 

Begin washing your car with your soft sponge or brush, working your way down. Periodically dip your sponge or cloth into the “dirty” bucket, removing particles you would’ve picked up from your car. Once cleaned out, re-dip into the “clean” bucket with the cleaning solution and resume washing. 

Be sure to leave the tyres to the end as these are almost always the dirtiest part of the car.


5. Section your wash on hot days

On a hot day, we recommend washing your car in sections, so you can effectively scrub and then rinse the section before the car wash dries out. Ideally, you’ll move your car out of direct sunlight if you can. 

This will allow you to get a better finish with no unsightly streaks on your car as a result.

6. Rinse the foam off the car

Once you’ve washed the car, it’s important to rinse it off thoroughly with water to ensure all the leftover foam is gone. Again, this will help avoid the cleaning residue drying to form streaks. 

7. Dry your car with a microfibre cloth/towel

Dry off your car with a microfiber cloth/towel soaking up all the water left on the car. This is important as it will prevent water spots from drying into your newly cleaned car, allowing for the best finish possible.

8. Wash your windows, windscreen and headlights

Use CRC Glass Cleaner to remove tough dirt and grime including grease, fingerprints, bugs and smoke haze from your windows and windscreen. CRC Glass Cleaner will leave it streak-free and help prevent misting. 

If required, use CRC Headlight Cleaner to restore clarity to dull and/or yellowing headlights. This can also be used on tail lights and bug shields.

9. Give your tyres an extra clean

Your tyres are important so they deserve the best and CRC has some great products to keep them clean and make them really stand out. 


CRC Wheel Cleaner - A great all-round cleaner for all types of wheels

CRC So Easy Tyre Cleaner - A super easy cleaner which does the job in one quick step 

CRC Mag Wheel Cleaner - Fantastic for keeping your mags clean with an acid-free formula and an additive to brighten the metal

CRC Mag Monster - The ultimate brake dust eater and wheel cleaner formulated with powerful iron emulsifiers


10. Wax, Cut, Polish and Shine

Last but not least, the final step in the process is to give your car a shine that will make it stand out from miles away. Depending on your car, its age and the quality of its paintwork - the type of product you use for this will vary. The descriptions below will help you pick the right product for you. 


CRC Polish and Wax - A great pick for any type of vehicle which provides a coating of pure carnauba wax then protects and enhances the paintwork

CRC Liquid Cut and Polish - A fantastic product that revitalises paintwork in poor or heavily weathered condition

CRC RE-PO Cream Polish - Improves the visual appearance and provides outstanding protection for new and well-kept vehicles

CRC RE-PO Extra Cut Cream Polish - A heavy duty cutting cream that safely restores a deep, rich gloss to dull, faded or heavily weathered paintwork

Take time to properly wash your car today!

So there you have it. An easy guide on how to properly wash your car in 10 steps. It’ll take a bit of time and effort at first but once you have the hang of it you’ll find yourself doing it in no time. On top of this, you’ll also get the immense satisfaction of having the cleanest and shiniest car in the neighbourhood!


You can find out more about all these car cleaning products in our Car Care range.