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CRC Trefolex 'Magic' Cutting Compound

Active cutting compound for low speed operations

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Drilling & Tapping Fluids

CRC/Barcode Name Pack Size
Pot 500 ml 6

CRC Trefolex ‘Magic’ Cutting Compund is an active cutting compound paste that does not run off or evaporate. It melts slowly as frictional heat is generated and provides continuous lubrication throughout low speed cutting operations. It significantly increases tool life and thread quality.

CRC Trefolex ‘Magic’ Cutting Compound is ideal for use with taps and dies, hacksaws, reamers, and all hand tools. It allows for clean cuts with no tearing and is suitable for steel, aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel.

Features & Benefits

  • For clean threads and no tearing
  • Significantly increases tool life and thread quality
  • Does not run off or evaporate
  • For use with hand tools and slow cutting operations
  • Suitable for steel, aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel


  • Ideal for taps and dies, hacksaws, reamers and all hand tools
  • Suitable for use on steel, aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel

This product has no special approvals properties

Physical Properties

Flash Point Nil
Odour Aromatic
Appearance Green paste
% Volatile 0%
Flammability Non-flammable

Performance Characteristics

Type of film Viscous oily paste
Dry Time Immediate use


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Material Safety Data Sheet

Summary Version Full Version
CRC Trefolex 'Magic' Cutting CompoundCRC Trefolex 'Magic' Cutting Compound


Technical Data Sheet

CRC Trefolex 'Magic' Cutting Compound


CRC/Barcode Pack Sizes Available
Pot 500 ml, pack size 6
11.00cm H x 8.50cm W x 8.50cm D : 0.10kg


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