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How to remove water spots from windshields

There’s nothing more annoying to a driver than water spots on their car windshields. Almost worse than being annoying, they can also be distracting which is the last thing you want when driving on our roads in New Zealand. 

While you’ll find a few homemade solutions on the internet utilising household items like white distilled vinegar and water, fresh lemon juice, baking soda and more - to remove hard water stains and grime you should turn to a professional product that was specifically made to do the job. 

CRC Glass Cleaner is our product that does exactly that. When used in conjunction with CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen Cleaner it will help you remove those hard water spots from your windshield giving you long-lasting protection. We’ve put together this simple guide below that will tell you how to get water spots off your windshield quickly and easily.


How To Get Water Spots Off Your Windshield

1. Get everything you’ll need

The first step is an easy one. Get everything you’ll need to get the job done. This includes:

CRC Glass Cleaner
CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen Cleaner
Nu-Vu Windscreen Demist cloth
Lint-free cloth/paper towel
Dry cloth

You’ll find our products at all the main retail and trade outlets across New Zealand.

2. Shake and apply

We start the job with the can of CRC Glass Cleaner which you shake well first before use. You then apply a light spray directly onto the windshield.

3. Wipe and polish

Using your lint-free cloth or paper towel, wipe the entire surface clean. Then use your dry cloth to polish, leaving your windshield sparkling. 

4. Apply CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen Cleaner

Having applied CRC Glass Cleaner you can further protect your windshield from future water spots and grime by applying CRC Nu-Vu.


Simply pour a small amount of CRC Nu-Vu onto your Nu-Vu Windscreen Demist cloth and apply across your windshield. This will also help keep you protected against webbing and fogging giving you clear visibility on the roads.

5. Mix Remaining CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen Cleaner Into Your Washer Water

You can mix the remaining product into your washer water to give yourself continued protection against water spots as well as other forms of dirt and grime. 

Removing water spots from windshields is as easy as that!

So there you have it. Five easy steps to remove water spots from your windshields and keep them protected too. We hope you’ve enjoyed our little guide and if you have any questions about any of our products our customer service team is always ready to help.