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How To Prevent Corrosion

To get the best out of your metallic equipment and machinery, it’s important to do what you can to help prevent corrosion. As anyone working with metals knows, deterioration caused by corrosion compromises structural integrity and functionality and can lead to costly repairs where no action is taken.

CRC Zinc Blaster offers fantastic corrosion protection to metallic surfaces with its protective zinc-rich coating. It’s especially good for covering large areas with its wide-coverage, long reach spray and rapid drying finish.

We thought we’d take you through a step-by-step process on how to use CRC Zinc Blaster to prevent corrosion before it’s too late.


Guide to preventing corrosion

1. Remove loose rust

The first step is to remove any loose rust and/or scale with a wire brush or similar.

2. Remove grease or oil

To prevent contamination by reducing the effectiveness of CRC Zinc Blaster, it is also advised to remove any grease or oil present on the surface. CRC has a great range of degreasers you can use for this purpose like Exoff Degreaser And Parts Cleaner and Brakleen

3. Abrade surface

Where possible, abrade surface with a disc grinder, wire brush or sandpaper to help eventual adhesion with the product.

4. Dry and clean surface

Once this is done you can then give the surface a final clean and dry, again to avoid contamination and to ensure the final result will be a long-lasting one.

5. Apply a coat of CRC Zinc Blaster

Apply an even coat of CRC Zinc Blaster across the surface from a distance of up to 1 metre. 

6. Clean can valve

When you’ve finished applying the protective coating you’ll need to clean the valve of your CRC Zinc Blaster can. To do so, turn the can upside down and press nozzle down until only pressure escapes. If clogging occurs, remove button, clean slot and orifice with wire and replace carefully.

7. Wait 5 minutes for coating to dry

Coating will become touch dry very rapidly, normally within 5 minutes. Maximum hardness will typically occur after a period of 12 hours.

8. Apply further coats if desired

If you wish to apply further coats of CRC Zinc Blaster you are able to do so at any time. A single application gives up to 65 months of corrosion protection.

Corrosion protection made easy

As you can see, preventing metallic corrosion is easy with CRC Zinc Blaster. With its powerful spray that can cover large areas and be used to access hard-to-reach areas (even in challenging outdoor conditions), it’s a product that will get the job done.

Whether it’s for speedy touch-ups and repairs of galvanised surfaces or a convenient alternative when hot-dip galvanising is not available, you can trust CRC Zinc Blaster to give you great corrosion protection.